Integrated flexible feeding module.

Sistema automatico di selezione, singolarizzazione e montaggio inserti


Supata is an intelligent digital, flexible and modular system for singularisation, manipulation, precise and fast assembly components of different types and sizes, fully “made in EPF”.

The integrated flexible feeding module that combines vibration, singularization, machine vision and parts manipulation.

EPF, a leading company in the field of industrial automation systems, presents the SUPATA system, 100% made by EPF, designed to handle and replace rigid and unreliable vibratory feeders, to produce smaller and smaller batches with frequent production changes, to have a system ready for new products, to create assembly lines without having to intervene with structural works, to manage simple system with a single HMI interface.






Supata caratteristiche

SUPATA is an “intelligent digital« flexible feeding module designed and suitable for:

  • Be simply integrated into your existing lines
  • Produce small batches with frequent production changes
  • Be configurable according to different application
  • Manage components with different sizes and geometries
  • Replace rigid and unreliable vibratory feeders
  • Create a simple system, always ready for new products, with a single interface
  • Obtain fast and regular cycle times
  • Improve efficiency and quality of production processes, eliminating costly rework
  • Ensure traceability throughout the production chain
  • Gain a competitive advantage

The system was created to meet the precise needs of the industrial automation sector. The integrated flexible feeding Supata is the combined result of EPF‘s 30 years’ experience as an integrator of robotic systems and the continuous research in the field of artificial intelligence, which has enabled the company to develop robust deep learning algorithms, applying them to both industrial automation and quality control, towards zero-defect production.

SUPATA is equipped with a high-precision integrated vision system, customizable for each customer’s needs, for efficient, reliable and highly profitable production lines.

Adopting A.I. within processes means increasing turnover by improving productivity by 17-20%.
• Increase productivity by optimizing quality
• Eliminate errors and reduce costly rework
• Maximize efficiency while reducing costs

EPF offers innovative systems that become «smart» through artificial intelligence algorithms.

SUPATA Sistema automatico di montaggio inserti

Fully engineered system (mechanical, electrical, software) 100% «made in EPF».

SUPATA is an integrated flexible feeding module that combines vibration, singularization, machine vision and parts manipulation.

SUPATA system is suitable for the most different fields of applications in industrial production:

Automotive, food & beverage, medical, gadgets, household appliances, household goods and all production sectors where the use of mechanical vibrators, vibrating hoppers is necessary.

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