Happy birthday EPF plastic!

Happy birthday EPF plastic!

A year ago, EPF inaugurated the Casei Gerola office with the ambitious #EPFplastic project. Over an area of more than one thousand square meters, #EPFplastic is home to a large tech-center and a spare parts warehouse, allowing us to serve our customers even better.

EPF, which has worked as an industrial automation and robotics integrator and provided high-quality technological turnkey solutions since 1961, has therefore consolidated its ten-year partnership with Toshiba \ Shibaura Machine.

In recent months, we have been working on several projects characterised by high complexity levels and/or focusing on technical applications for the automotive, medical and electronics sectors as well as for the rapid moulding of packaging; we never stopped working, not even during the lockdown.

Today, just like a year ago, the #EPF group is solid, structured and highly motivated to develop comprehensive moulding solutions with customers, acting as the sole interlocutor for the entire plant – from the feeding of granular plastic up to the development of automation, assembly and quality control solutions through artificial vision systems.

We will be waiting for you at #Fakuma2020: despite the uncertainties related to the pandemic, we continue to believe in the exhibition and we are developing an interesting new project.

For further information and/or appointments contact us here o send an email to info@epfplastic.com.