Team building: EPF hosts Andrea Zorzi

Team building: EPF hosts Andrea Zorzi

Friday, December 16 at 17.30 was held the seminar entitled “Sport & Company: the metaphor of sport applied to a work team”.

A lot of curiosity and expectation for an event that has not betrayed expectations. The perfect mix between Sport and Company, told by a special guest, Andrea Zorzi, for an evening full of important themes and ideas. This is the perfect summary of Friday’s evening, organised at the end of the EPF 60-year celebration and designed for employees and external collaborators.

Andrea Zorzi was twice world champion (1990, 1994) and three times European champion (1989, 1993, 1995), participated in three Olympic Games (Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996) winning the silver medal in Atlanta and playing 325 matches in the national team. Among the many extra sports collaborations, the one with SDA Bocconi, with the MIP of Politecnico di Milano as a trainer, using his experience as an athlete in training courses for company managers.

The “Zorro” of the 90s, as he was called by his fans, talked about the evolution of his sports career, first as a champion in the national volleyball team, and now as a television commentator, relating the relevance of volleyball, team play, with the business context.

The goal of the coaching is to illustrate how the dynamics of volleyball, a sport characterized by a strong interdependence between players and the individual self-realizes within the team, can be applied to a work team to achieve a common result.

We sincerely thank all the participants, hoping that everyone has fully lived this unique experience and has learned important lessons from it.

“Volleyball is a sport that teaches you that alone you can’t do anything. It ‘s not that those who play volleyball is better, are the rules: if you can’t touch the ball twice in a row, even if you are selfish you learn to think in a team logic, to live keeping individuality at bay which is the madness of thinking that is enough for yourself”.