SUPATA flies to Chicago for the S.M.A open house

SUPATA flies to Chicago for the S.M.A open house

The robotic station, designed by EPF, will be previewed on the American market at the “Injection Molding Smart Factory“, the Shibaura Machine America open house.

Shibaura Machine, the leading player for plastic injection machines in the United States, opens the doors of its HQ in Chicago presenting an integrated plastic molding cell.

EPF, partner of the project for innovative robotics and machine vision solutions, has engineered and built the robotic assembly cell and now presents its flagship product: Supata, the flexible and modular feeding system, for the singularization and precise positioning of pieces of different sizes, in its configuration developed for the world of plastic molding.

In the Chicago Headquarter you can find:

  • An automated cell consisting of three full electric SM presses (EC85SXIII, EC200SXIII and EC250SXIII)
  • Bi-component moulding technology with integrated systems for hot runner management and mould thermoregulation
  • Robots integrated in the moulding station
  • Shibaura Machine’s industrial iot system for the Smart Factory: Downtime Tracking, OEE, Production Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Remote Machine Access according to Industry 4.0 requirements
  • The plastic product assembled from the island is a bi-component touch screen stylus pen in a USB holder and packaged in a case.

The event will take place over three days: 10-11-12 May 2022, in two daily sessions. For more info or appointments: Events | Shibaura Machine Company America | FKA Toshiba Machine (

With over 20 years of experience in the field , Shibaura Machine is present today in the world with 6 production plants and 25 offices. EPF Plastic is the exclusive distributor for Italy and service partner for full electric plastic injection moulding machines.

To receive more information about the event or if you want more details about Shibaura Machine’s full-electric solutions, visit the dedicated page, or contact us at