They talk about us on ‘Made In’, the house organ of the Cuneo General Confederation of Italian Industry.

They talk about us on ‘Made In’, the house organ of the Cuneo General Confederation of Italian Industry.

From Carrù to the international scene. Ours is a history of tradition that focuses on innovation.

60 years have passed since EPF was born as a small local business, and it has now gained a reputation of domestic and international excellence.

Our company is proud of its history and continues to grow and develop, bringing increasingly innovative solutions to the automation sector but firmly keeping its roots in the Carrù area. Thanks to recent successes and expansion, we have had the honour of being interviewed and appearing in the 11/2021 issue of ‘Made In’, the trade magazine of Confindustria Cuneo.

As told by Gilberto Manfrin, author of the article that appeared in the 11/2021 issue of ‘Made In’, EPF was born in 1961 in Carrù, founded by Raimondo Filippi as a small electromechanical workshop. Initially, the activity was mainly small-scale in nature. In the 70s, with the construction of new offices, the company with four to five employees continued to evolve in the field of automation and industrial plant engineering, establishing itself in the sector. At the same time, Franco, son of Raimondo and current owner of the company, was moved by a passion for electrical engineering to undertake his studies at the Polytechnic of Turin.

After various experiences abroad that allowed Franco to acquire considerable technical experience as well as valuable interpersonal and language skills, in 1995 he decided to return to Carrù and take over the reins of the family business.

In the late 90s, when founder Raimondo retired, the company revised its standpoint: it continues to be a family business but with an international outlook. Francesca, Franco’s wife, joined the company, managing the administrative and personnel office and around that time Gianni Bonardo, Franco’s former classmate, became a partner.

Since then, EPF has grown, forging high-level partnerships, such as the one with the Japanese Toshiba Machine in 2013, and hiring increasingly specialized employees. EPF has now reached 50 employees count and opened three branches worldwide: Casei Gerola (PV), Leòn (Mexico) and Tirana (Albania).

Today, 27 years later, the goal is to acquire more and more specialised human capital across the various business areas, focusing more on the creation of standardised robotic products, as reported by our CEO, Franco Filippi.

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