New AI deep learning vision system in

New AI deep learning vision system in

With EPF’s innovative solutions, you can increase productivity by reducing costs and improve quality by lowering the amount of resources needed for the proper functioning of the process.


The company PIR.SA.FA historical Italian company, founded in 1958, which produces and sells accessories for shirts, clothing and leather goods, also dealing with the molding, processing and blanking of plastics and pvc, knows it well.

The collaboration between the two companies was born in 2021, when PIR.SA.FA recognized in EPF a reliable partner to introduce in its plant a vision system equipped with deep learning AI for the control of the crossover clips, patent, in transparent polycarbonate.

EPF technicians, highly qualified, conducted a thorough study and developed a solution to find the right lighting to detect transparent pieces placed on a stainless-steel surface (mold) and reduce the reflection.

The system, interconnected, performs a double check directly on the production line:

  • Presence/absence of the part in the mould
  • Completeness and conformity check of the piece (spherical terminal part)

The implementation of the quality system has allowed to reduce resources and ensure a high quality product.

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