Globes pick and place with AI recognition

Globes pick and place with AI recognition

Implementing existing production lines with intelligent and modular solutions is possible with EPF. We discuss this with Tecnodidattica Spa, for which we have created a robotic station equipped with artificial intelligence for the handling and packaging of globes.


Tecnodidattica Spa is a historic Italian company, founded in 1949, producing between 800,000 and 900,000 globes, 90% of which are exported worldwide.

The collaboration with EPF began in 2021 when Tecnodidattica recognized EPF as a reliable partner to introduce a vision system with artificial intelligence based on deep learning for precise orientation and positioning of globes in a box.

EPF‘s highly qualified technicians conducted a thorough study and developed a solution to train artificial intelligence on different types to consistently recognize correct pick and placement positions. This enables the system to process a wide range of products with varying sizes, prints, and colors.

The implementation of the artificial intelligence-based vision system has reduced time, costs, and resources, ensuring an optimized process. The term “Artificial Intelligence” is now commonplace in our industry, and EPF has been using it in industrial robotics solutions for five years.

Tecnodidattica is very satisfied with the collaboration with EPF for the professionalism demonstrated and the expertise acquired over more than 60 years of activity.


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