EPF & Toshiba Machine open a new office

EPF & Toshiba Machine open a new office

July 11th will be a rather important day for EPF PLASTIC and TOSHIBA MACHINE: the two companies will open a new Italian office consisting of a spacious show room and a specialised tech center in Casei Gerola, just south of Milan.

In the morning, guests will be invited to attend an interesting technical discussion session on the topics of sensors and predictive maintenance. In the afternoon, the show room will be open to the audience and 6 Toshiba Full Electric injection moulding machines (from 100T to 350T) will be put on display.

EPF e Toshiba Machine inaugurano una nuova sede

Additionally, the show room will also include innovative turnkey solutions for printing plastics and 3 printing stations with different applications (medical multicavity appliances, thin rim packaging with IML and technical products for the automotive industry) developed in partnership with prestigious international companies.

Technical solutions like automation and robotics, 2D-3D vision systems, monitoring systems and transport pods logistics systems will be applied to Toshiba moulding machines. EPF provides its clients with customised solutions and acts as both a technical and commercial partner: we combine our outstanding expertise in the field of industrial automation with Toshiba’s wide range of moulding machines (from 50T to 2500T) and established international experience.

For more information please get in touch with us at: info@epfplastic.com