EPF-SPAL Automotive, a ten-year collaboration

EPF-SPAL Automotive, a ten-year collaboration

From 2013 to date, from one injection moulding machine to an entire production department, strictly in the name of sustainability and innovation.


SPAL Automotive, leader in the design and production of centrifugal and axial electric fans for vehicles of various types, opens its doors to show the results of the fruitful partnership with EPF, exclusive distributor and service partner of Shibaura Machine.

The collaboration began when SPAL decided to focus on full-electric injection moulding machines. Shibaura Machine, already had the capabilities to supply injection moulding machines of a high tonnage range.

The benefits of the transition to electric have been considerable:

  • Shorter cycle time;
  • increase production capacity;
  • Reduce department noise levels;
  • Lower consumption compared to the hydraulic IMM;
  • A more efficient logistics.

For EPF, the experience gained with SPAL Automotive has been, and continues to be, very valuable because it has been enhanced the skills and internal know-how with the supply of a turnkey solution, a complete moulding cell made up of Shibaura Machine IMM, automation, integrated logistics systems for the management of goods within the production department and smart feeders solutions for the automatic assembly of products in line.

SPAL Automotive believes that EPF has been a trusted partner, decisive for the future development of the company.

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