EPF Plastic is the Italian distributor and service partner of Toshiba Machine, global leader in the production of cutting-edge industrial technology systems, specializes in full electric injection molding solutions.

From many years, Toshiba Machine offers on the Italian market a wide range of high-performance and reliable machines to meet the different needs of injection molding. In order to offer a complete service, from installation to after-sales, the Japanese company has chosen in 2013, exclusively, to approach the Italian market with EPF, which is a system integrator.
Due to their reliability, versatility and accuracy, the EC-SX machines are particularly suitable for use in clean rooms in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industry. The Japanese manufacturer has also gained a great experience in the Japanese automotive industry for complex technical applications.

The advantages:



Toshiba Machine offers a wide range of excellent products designed with a solid technical expertise: with the EC-SXIII series of full electric machines, Toshiba ensures high productivity and precision with machine from 50 to 2500 ton. The peculiarity is not only to have shorter dry cycle times, increase die life and improve the uniformity of the clamping force distribution, but also to increase the total number of machine cycles and have the most advanced controller on the market.


Full electric range