Hydro Power

‘Hydroelectric power’ means the energy that is created by exploiting the movement of large masses of falling water. The mass of water, falling, produces kinetic energy which is transformed into electrical energy, thanks to a turbine and an alternator.

EPF Energy is an EPC Contractor specializing in design and construction of hydroelectric power plants in Italy and abroad, with a park of installed systems greater than 30 MWp. With in-house expertise ranging from feasibility studies to project financing, from design to installation and commissioning, EPF Energy can offer, depending on customer needs, a turnkey service or specific advice on the individual parts of the hydroelectric plant.

Cooperating with international suppliers components, EPF Energy identifies and develops the most appropriate technological solution for each site: from the most traditional turbines such as Pelton, Kaplan, crossflow and Francis to the submerged Kaplan and the hydraulic screws, machines suitable for low jumps able to combine technology and performance. Working in full respect of the surrounding environment and developing solutions for which the environmental impact is reduced to a minimum, EPF Energy is constantly committed to enhancing and promoting an increasingly sustainable hydropower.