Business Solutions


Supata® is the ideal flexible feeder for managing small and varied components in the automotive industry. For years, Supata® has been an integral part of large automotive production lines. Its flexibility ensures an extremely high level of process stability: its reliability prevents machine downtime, its footprint is small, and it has a single interface for quickly switching between different production tasks.


The market for electronic components is vast and includes various devices that are designed to be assembled together with others to perform numerous electronic functions. Whether it’s miniature contacts or other larger-sized components, with Supata®, you can flexibly feed different components, achieving the highest precision in assembly and positioning.


Cosmetic sector components vary in geometry and composition and are often fragile. With Supata®, it’s possible to handle different parts with a single machine, minimizing machine downtime and format changes.


Medical/pharmaceutical devices are a heterogeneous category of products intended for human use, whose safety and performance are crucial. Supata® ensures the correct handling, movement, and assembly of medical components, in line with European standards for microbiotic contamination control in controlled environments.


On average, the gadget and toy sectors are characterized by a production mostly composed of small batches and geometrically small components. These characteristics lead to a production with a high rate of manual dexterity and little reliable. Supata®, the intelligent smart feeder that operates according to the requirements of Industry 4.0, ensure clear improvements in productivity, quality of the final product and reducing waste with a rapid return on investment.


The fitting sector features countless components of different shapes and sizes. Most of the parts are cylindrical, flat or particularly difficult to handle and easily
tangled, as in the case of springs. In most cases, these are components that need to be assembled and therefore, need to be continuously fed. Supata®  manages components with different shapes and is the best solution to untangle even the most difficult components.