Supata® is a flexible feeding system designed to meet the specific needs of the industrial sector and is available in various configurations, based on customer requirements.


The versatility of Supata® allows for the easy assembly lines construction, thanks to its modularity and mobility, by combining different Supata® units that can be separated and integrated into other production lines as needed, without the need for any infrastructure. This can be done with great simplicity, using an intuitive interface, and without requiring specific professional figures.


With Supata®, you can benefit from an all-in-one system for flexible and adaptable secondary packaging across a wide range of applications. Its modularity and compact footprint enable the creation of turnkey multi-product and multi-package packaging lines. Thanks to robotics, quick format change and gentle handling it ensures high reliability and production efficiency, all with a single system.

Injection Molding

The concreteness of an industrialized, turnkey solution, combined with its flexibility, makes Supata® the perfect partner for the automation of overmolding and co-molding lines. The system is designed for companies that manage small batches of inserts with different geometries and frequent production changes, as it can handle even the most challenging components. Furthermore, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, it can easily and quickly recognize future and unknown products.

Quality Control

Automated quality control enhances the reliability of inspections by ensuring, through the handling of each individual piece, a three-dimensional verification of its conformity. This prevents rework and waste, reduces production line downtime, and associated costs.

Supata®, in its Quality Control application, enables the objective and automatic inspection of multiple components, whether incoming or outgoing, on high-volume production lines. It leverages the combination and capabilities of vision systems and AI. It’s a single, modular, turnkey system for countless inspections and infinite production configurations.



Business Solutions

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