The flexible, modular, and mobile AI smart feeder.

Supata® is the innovative, industrialized, turnkey system for flexible, modular, and mobile feeding, singularization  and precise positioning of components of various sizes. The system, designed, manufactured, and distributed by EPF, was created to meet the precise needs of the Factory Automation whose required level of flexibility is increasingly higher.

The integrated flexible feeding Supata is the combined result of EPF‘s 30 years’ experience as an integrator of robotic systems and the continuous research in the field of artificial intelligence, which has enabled the company to develop robust deep learning algorithms, applying them to both industrial automation and quality control, towards zero-defect production.



Do you need to manage small batches of various products with frequent production changes? Are you facing space constraints and seeking a compact, integrable solution for your existing production lines?

Supata® offers multiple advantages:

Supata® is a robotic station designed with a modular logic to ensure greater flexibility of use, including a internally developed and manufactured vibrating table and hopper, a deep learning vision system, a robot for component handling, and a single HMI control panel (robot, vision, vibration control).

Supata® is a smart product equipped with a vision system that can be designed using AI algorithms. It can recognize and handle various types of components rapidly, boosting your company’s productivity and reducing production costs. The system allows for easy and quick implementation of new recipes and processing of future, unknown products.

A single, compact, modular, and mobile system for manage a wide range of product types. Its versatility allows you to use the robotic station with maximum flexibility, integrating it into any existing production lines or creating new ones according to your needs.

Flexibility in implementing a new product to manipulate: significant reduction in system training time, reduced part changeover time. The system is immediately ready for N different productions.

Used to unload tangled or incompliant components from the vibrating platform or to evacuate pieces during product changeover.

Remote assistance and remote loading of new recipes. Ability to store machine operation statistics and data.

Purchasing an innovative solution like Supata® provides a competitive advantage in the industrial production sector, with highly competitive ROI and an average payback period of fewer than 2 years.

Robot, vision, and vibration control in a single interface.