The intelligent and modular fruit packaging system

POM is a modular, compact and automated station equipped with an AI vision system that allows for the identification, selection, and positioning of fruit based on its orientation inside trays and cardboard cells for packaging, while maintaining a fast and consistent cycle time.

The project was born in 2013 from an established collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin. The prototype was introduced during Interpoma18 in Bolzano.


POM is a compact system, just over one meter wide, and is protected by specific grids capable of ensuring the safety of the operators who share the line with the 6 axis robot. Thanks to its modularity, POM is designed for both small and large producers and doesn’t require any infrastructural interventions. It’s a solution that focuses on flexibility and is adaptable to existing lines, compatible with any automatic labelers already present on the line.

Based on the user’s needs, POM is programmable according to production requirements (size, weight, etc).

Its key features are:

POM occupies the space of one operator. From 1 to N systems on the same line, suitable both for small and large packaging volumes.

POM can be placed at any point along the production line, alongside operators.

POM doesn’t require structural modifications to the existing production line and is equipped with an intuitive interface.

POM occupies a ground space of 1.5 square meters.

The system is designed to provide remote assistance and quality control.

Return on investment based on production cycles and compatible with industry benchmarks.

The machine is interconnected with the company’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System).