The innovative co-brewer.

Nepo® is a cobot – a collaborative robot – designed to serve beer simulating human movements. It’s a smart solution born from the perfect combination of EPF‘s technological innovation and the expertise of BALADIN‘s master brewers, with the aim of using the latest robotics technology in a new context: draft beer service.

Nepo®  began to operate in the summer of 2019 at Turin Caselle Airport, then spent time at Baladin Open Garden in Piozzo. With great success, it continued its journey, first at the Fakuma fair in Germany, then at the Mecspe fair in Bologna, and finally, it concluded its trip at FICO, where it remained until the end of 2022.

The robot prototype was developed following the Open philosophy. It’s intended as an instrument to serve beer in those places or contexts where you having human staff would not be effective (high traffic areas, such as stations of airports), and to make beer available even at odd times.