Business Solutions


With Beika®, it is possible to reduce costs and optimize labor usage through the automation of complex tasks such as inspection, component classification, and reading of direct part marking (DPM) and product codes.


Metal sheets, plastic and rubber laminates, abrasive paper: Beika® identifies missing material, transverse indentation to lamination, folds, scratches, bends, impressed dirt, holes, and production defects.


Thanks to Beika®, it’s possible to gather information regarding individual products, reducing waste, resources, and energy.

Specifically, the system detects suitability at the end of the assembly phase, the integrity of the casing, any aesthetic defects, with the possibility of classifying different types of product codes.


Successful companies in the food and beverage industry adopt innovations in product quality inspection, packaging, assembly verification, allergen management, traceability, and food safety to minimize downtime and deliver safe, high-quality products with fewer defects and a more sustainable approach. Beika® ensures product quality and safety, packaging integrity, allergen management, and traceability.


For manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, ensuring patient safety and meeting traceability requirements while optimizing costs is essential. Whether it’s inspecting package integrity, tracking serialized products from production to the patient, or verifying the accuracy of labels with barcode and text verification, Beika® adds value at every stage of the process to prevent defects, improve quality, increase performance, enhance productivity, and achieve compliance.


Beika® can be a right solution to aim for zero-defect production and resolve issues in weaving, knitting, weaving problems, incomplete or improper seams, or print alignment errors.


To be sustainable, luxury brands must address unique challenges. Demonstrating compliance with ever-changing market regulations while managing issues related to safety and quality can be complex. With Beika®, you can perform aesthetic and surface inspections on watches and jewelry, stabilizing the production process and safeguarding the brand.