Beika® the AI turnkey system for quality control.

Beika® is an innovative AI-equipped system for objective and automatic inspection on different surfaces, identifying non-conformities and defects at high production speeds and in challenging environmental conditions.

With Beika®, you can address a wide range of aesthetic control needs in sectors where quality is crucial. The system offers extreme production flexibility, allowing its integration into existing production lines, stabilizing the production process, improving product quality, and reducing production costs.


Beika® combines human performance and visual inspection flexibility with the strength of the Artificial Intelligence, creating a system that can learn quickly and become more and more reliable in a variety of working conditions.

With Beika®, you can expect to achieve several advantages:

Thanks to the use of deep learning, the system’s training is based on examples modeled on human learning, and the solution is not based on rigid rules.

Beika® adapts to any existing production line and its speed.

Thanks to the presence of a simple operating interface, it is possible to improve performances through real-time process control.

All data is collected to allow proper traceability of the production process and enable future analyses.

The compact and modular design allows for a quick installation of the system in any production environment.

Remote assistance and high flexibility are provided through predefined interface protocols for machine-to-machine communication with other equipment in your production line.

Purchasing an innovative solution like Beika® represents a true competitive advantage for the industrial production sector, with highly competitive ROI and an average payback period of less than 2 years.