EPF and Shibaura Machine renew their partnership at K2022

EPF and Shibaura Machine renew their partnership at K2022

Also in this edition the K in Düsseldorf will be the most important world event for the plastics and rubber industry.


The fair will be held from 19 to 26 October 2022 at Messe Düsseldorf in Germany, and in hall 15 stand B21 Shibaura Machine will exhibit the latest technological innovations for injection molding accompanied by an automated cell made by EPF.

In the booth you will see the innovative integrated plastic molding cell, composed of:

  • three interconnected full electric Shibaura Machine presses (EC75SXIII, EC180SXIII and EC230SXIII),
  • an innovative full electric satellite injection unit fully developed by Shibaura Machine for bi-material molding,
  • integrated hot runner management (SISE) systems, dehumidification and mould thermoregulation (MATSUI),
  • three robots (STAR) integrated into the moulding island for the discharge of printed products,
  • a 6-axis anthropomorphic robot Shibaura Machine for the assembly of all components,
  • Shibaura Machine’s industrial IOT system for the Smart Factory ( Downtime Tracking, OEE, Production Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Remote Machine Access according to Industry 4.0 requirements) that integrates and interconnects the presses to all auxiliary devices.

The final product will consist of a bi-component touch screen stylus pen in a USB holder and packaged in a case.

EPF, project partner for innovative robotics and machine vision solutions, supported by its Automation division, has taken care of the entire design and engineering of the cell.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Shibaura Machine is present today in the world with 6 production plants and 25 offices. EPF Plastic is the exclusive distributor for Italy and service partner for full electric plastic injection moulding machines.

To receive more information about the event, free tickets or if you want more details about Shibaura Machine’s full-electric solutions, visit the dedicated page, or contact us at info@epfplastic.com.