EPF & COGNEX, in the sign of deep learning

EPF & COGNEX, in the sign of deep learning

The monthly magazine “Automazione Industriale” talks about us and our long-standing partnership in the June edition.

Mutual trust, collaboration, and shared interests. These are the foundations for a collaboration focused on innovation, in which both companies actively contribute to the development of solutions and applications equipped with the best vision technology.

On one hand, there’s Cognex, a market leader that produces and markets products based on image management for the industry and “intelligent vision” devices. They have recently expanded their product offerings and developed applications that enable verification, identification, and control operations to ensure consistent product quality and traceability throughout the production and distribution process.

On the other hand, there’s EPF, with its 60 years of experience in creating solutions in the field of industrial automation. In addition to customized solutions tailored to customer needs, EPF designs and develops modular technological applications, both hardware and software, that perfectly meet current and future market demands. Two flagship products worth mentioning are Supata® and Beika®. The first one, Supata®, is a turnkey smart feeder solution designed to address adaptation issues in the manufacturing sector. The second one, Beika®, addresses a wide range of aesthetic quality control needs in sectors where it is crucial.

The solutions developed using shared know-how and technology fully meet the future production needs of flexibility and quality assurance. This is the result of constant dialogue between two entities, EPF and Cognex, whose mutually beneficial relationship benefits both of them and the entire market.

If you want to know more or discover the potential of our solutions, read the full article or contact us at marketing@epf.it.