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E-WAVE Project

E-WAVE Project

The E-WAVE is a twin oscillating chamber device designed to be integrated into vertical wall port dams or breakwater.

The E-WAVE has been designed to achieve minimization of installation cost, accessibility from the ground shore (to reduce maintenance costs), scalability and finally modularity.

It’s a simple structure made of commercial components and materials easily available; the use of turbines allows easy scalability in machines of different nominal power plants.

The machine’s Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is currently 4, as the system has been designed with numerical simulation-based methodologies with increasing fidelity models (from models of first analytic principle, to lumped parameters analysis, to finite elements methods). The models themselves have been verified, improved and validated with data from the 1:20 scale experimental trials carried out at the Aalborg tank in 2017 and the 1:2 scale trials carried out at the Hannover channel in 2018.

All this has been made possible by the funding of the European Marinet2 Project.