After 50 years of commercial collaboration, the partnership with Siemens is strengthened and materializes with the joint development of innovative technologies. The result is the implementation of the most modern Siemens technologies in Supata®, the robotic station whose development began in 2008, meeting the needs of an automotive customer whose final assembly line consisted of assembling small metal components, varying in shape and size. Supata® is indeed a turnkey smart feeder designed to adapt to various plant configurations in different industrial sectors. Its strength lies in the ability to manipulate a variety of components, with quick format changes thanks to a vision system that automatically recognizes pieces stored in the database. The real game-changer was the integration with AI, Artificial Intelligence.

Together with Siemens, we have developed a solution that encompasses the following technologies:

  • The new SIMATIC Robot Library, for the direct management of an anthropomorphic robot from PLC supporting the universal communication standard between PLC and robot controllers.
  • SIMATIC Industrial Edge with a new industrial PC IPC520A Tensorbox, a combination of industrial-grade hardware and high computing power for neural networks based on GPU Xavier Nx technology, for evaluating performance and energy consumption.
  • Artificial Intelligence models such as the implementation of Deep-Grasping algorithms.
  • The new SINAMICS TM-ServoDrives Drive for extra-low voltage applications for EC motors from 24 to 48 volts and stepper motors.
  • Integration with NX MCD.

The use of the industrial Metaverse and the integration with AI has allowed us to go even further, offering the possibility of introducing new parts into production without reprogramming the machine, which processes them autonomously and sets itself automatically. Customers in the manufacturing sector increasingly demand greater flexibility, and the most frequent request is to ensure that today’s machine purchase can meet future production needs that are still unknown.

Supata® has been recognized by Siemens Germany as one of the five most innovative projects globally and has been purchased by the German global company to showcase it in its innovation center in Germany (The Impulse in Amberg). You can also find it, in its fully Siemens-equipped version, at the DEX (Digital Experience Center) in Piacenza.

“The collaboration with Siemens has been very satisfying,” concludes Franco Filippi, “because it has allowed us to take a step forward in our knowledge. I have relied on Siemens for a long time, and I can say that I have noticed that it is no longer just a manufacturer and supplier of components to equip our machines, but a valid and competent partner in the development and implementation of innovative solutions: a nice change of pace.”