Artificial Intelligence

EPF Automation is able to combine advanced robotics with artificial intelligence and vision systems.

This allows to improve product quality, delete production mistakes and reduce costs. With its industrial automation division, EPF offers flexible, modular, integrated and automated turnkey solutions, designed to the customer’s application needs, according to the standards of integration and interconnection of Industry 4.0.

Deep learning applied to artificial vision allows to replace the operator in control activities previously not delegated to machines and makes vision systems more suitable for dynamic production contexts, becoming the protagonist in most automation applications of Industry 4.0. 3D vision is also a revolutionary technology in this field, as it is more efficient and flexible in production in line with the development of the smart factory.

EPF solutions are characterized by being customized and developed internally. The innovative solutions of artificial intelligence and robotics proposed with 2D-3D vision systems allow an important increase in the efficiency of the plant and therefore guarantee the total traceability of the products moved.